Naturelle is the wholesaler in organic products. We supply a year-round and complete range of organic vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. For more and more consumers, organic has significant added value. Organic fruits and vegetables cater to the increasing demand for a healthy and sustainable life. From seed to consumption, vegetables and fruits from Naturelle are a sustainable choice. We work together with growers, retailers and consumers for a healthy future.

  • Fruits and vegetables, organic and Fair Trade
  • Healthy for people and nature
  • Market development with growers and retailers
  • A sustainable choice from seed to consumption 

Being the organic branch of The Greenery, Naturelle offers the level of organisation and service of a large, well-established fruit and vegetable company. With innovative projects and targeted marketing activities, we are working towards the further development of your market share in organic fruits and vegetables. Naturelle provides products and services that fit your position, allowing you to distinguish yourself in the market you are active in. Naturelle is happy to help you benefit optimally from this. Naturelle is, among other things, an exclusive supplier of organic fruits and vegetables for the Bio+ brand.